My everyday bag and the Sophie Hulme Mini Zip Top Bowling Bag

What i’ve been carrying is a MARC BY MARC JACOBS Classic Q Little Ukita Shoulder Bag in Chianti Red. I purchased it almost four years ago on sale at Nordstrom. At the time, I needed a bigger bag to carry my wallet and essentials and also fit some kid stuff like a diaper, pack of wipes, snacks and a few small toys to always have on hand. (I don’t like to carry multiple bags on short trips out of the house.) The bag worked well for my purposes and has turned out to be an incredibly well made accessory. Plus, i’ve gotten loads of compliments over the years on the style and color especially.


This bag is a workhorse and still looks fabulous after four years. The leather is in good condition despite having been stuffed to the gills, shoved under airplane seats and spilled on. None of the stitching has come loose and the interior fabric lining cleans up easily. It can be carried crossbody style and on the shoulder which is a necessity when one needs to be hands free. BUT, it’s big. And it’s slouchy which makes things hard to find, especially if you can’t seem to organize your stuff into neat little mini bags on a regular basis. And it’s heavy, a natural consequence of being big. If there’s room in the bag, just shove more stuff in, am I right?

For the past year, I have been searching high and low for my next everyday bag. I knew from experience that I was looking for something a little smaller, more structured, with a zip or a flap so the top is completely covered, but above all else, durable. I love the clean lines of the Givenchy Antigona Small, the Saint Laurent Y-Ligne Cabas Mini and this Fendi Small Selleria Peekaboo Bag. These weren’t in my price range and although I found many beautiful alternatives from Kate Spade, JCrew and Tory Burch, I wanted something a little different.

Then I came upon this beauty.
Sophie Hulme’s Mini Zip Top Bowling Bag in black

A few bloggers have raved about her tote bags, so I felt comfortable ordering the bag online without seeing it in person. The bag is a nice size (9H”x12Lx6″D) for essentials and fits an iPad. There is one interior pocket and the inside is done in black suede. It’s not too heavy despite the good quality leather and hardware, zips up completely, and the bag retains its shape beautifully when full. The handles don’t allow me to carry it on my arm (4″ drop) so I mostly use the the long strap (20″ drop). The strap came attached to D-rings located on the sides of the bag, but I found that I prefer clipping the strap to the D-rings where the handles are attached as the bag hangs more evenly that way. The cost of designer handbags has shot up substantially in the past 10 years, and the price on this one seems more than fair considering the high standard of workmanship and materials used. I am happy with my purchase overall and at this point am confident that it will wear well under heavy use.